Thunderchild Round Ireland and Rockall Powerboat Record 6 July 2017


DateBoat / CrewDistanceAvg speedTime
06.07.2017Thunderchild /
Frank Kowalski
2000km32 knots34 Hrs 01 min 47 secs
Thunderchild Round Ireland and Rockall Powerboat Record 2017 [Reference: 1]


The Safehaven Marine Team led by Frank Kowalski set a new Round Ireland and Rockall Record with a time of 34 Hours, 1 Minute and 47 seconds on 5-6 July 2017. Set in an anti-clockwise direction, the crew returned safely to Cork Harbour after a journey of 2000km at an average speed of 32 knots.

Thunderchild 2 [Reference: 2][Picture Credit: Powerboat NI]



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Thanks to John Wills & Louise Wills.

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