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Motorsport Ireland | National Autocross Championship | Specials 2012-2017

NAC Specials 2012

No.Competitor NameCarClassPts
426Dave FallonBerrisford4a155
490James LuceySubaru4b118
417Ian ByrneHarvey4b101
68Dermot WhyteKawasaki4a86
416Mick SchofieldMivec4a76
469Brendan WhiteKawasaki4a75
463Whitby MoynhanToyota4a60.5
412Benny Kennedy????4a53
100Patrick CurleyOpel4b38
666Padraic McHaleRage Buggy4a32
451Joe Curley 4b29
66Brian McHaleRage Buggy4a28
998Joe McHaleRage Buggy4a28
97Tommy FlahertySuzuki4a24
480Nigel McCloughre????4a24
42Jimmy LuceyRover4b21
480Gerard MoloneySuzuki4a21
414Trevor HoganRover4b21
41Conor McCarthy????4a20
450Tommy FlanaganOpel4b19
404Will Bolster????4a18
431Sean HurleyHonda4a17
40Richard DavisRover4b16
469Sean SmithSuzuki4a16
716Declan Kilmartin 4b13
420Charlie CavanaghOpel4b8
450Noel Brady????4a8
605Lionel PercyHonda4a6
60Sam JohnsonHonda4a5
210William CavanaghOpel4b3
452Noel MoynihanHonda4b3

NAC Specials 2013

No.Competitor NameCarClassPts

NAC Specials 2014

No.Competitor NameCarClassPts
666Padraic McHaleHayabusa Special6155.5
626Dave FallonBerrisford Special6151
650Brian McHaleHatabusa Special6147
728Ian ByrneIBS 007129
612Whitby MoynhanToyota Special697
718James LuceySubaru Special784
64Brendan NesterVauxhall Special783
777Martin GreenwoodHonda Special780
615William CavanaghHonda Special668
616Brendan WhiteKawasaki zx12t Special641
8Padraig EganJb Buggy640
60Eamon CallananR6 Special638
617Dermot WhiteKawasaki zx12t Special637
600Ciaran NaughtonR6 Special635
636Benny KennedyKawasaki Special68

NAC Specials 2015

No.Competitor NameCarClassPts
666Padraic McHaleHayabusa Special6178
728Ian ByrneIBS 007148
612Whitby MoynanHayabusa Special6140
650Joe McHaleHayabusa Special6120
616Brendan WhiteKawasaki Special6105
644Gerard MoloneyRover Special7103
777Martin GreenwoodHonda Special7102
626Dave FallonKawasaki T Special693
714Jimmy LuceyBerrisford Special683.5
617Dermot WhiteKawasaki T Special662.5
600Ciaran NaughtonSubaru Special731
74Brendan NesterR6 Special630
60Eamon CallananVauxhall Special727
72Enda O’LearyR6 Special626
718James LuceyVauxhall Special724
602Ciaran RyanJb Buggy610
615William CavanaghHonda Special62

NAC Specials 2016

No.Competitor NameCarClassPts
627Ian O’ConnellBerrisford Hyabusa6141
728Ian ByrneIBS 007117
666Joe McHaleBerrisford Hyabusa6106
69John WhelanSemog Buggy1086
644Gerard MaloneyHonda Special682
689Aidan WhiteYamaha R6 Special1078
688Barry WhiteYamaha R6 Special1076
616Brendan WhiteKawasaki Special662
777Martin GreenwoodHonda Special751
45Tom DalySemog Buggy1045
712Whitby MoynanToyota Special743
766James MulveyBerrisford Opel735
714Jimmy LuceyRover Special734
615Peter BrennanJB Buggy1031
617Dermot WhiteKawasaki Special614

NAC Specials 2017

No.Competitor NameCarClassPts
627Ian O’ConnellBerrisford Special6121.5
993Aaron FalveySemog Buggy1092
628Ian ByrneSuzuki Special689
714Jimmy LuceyRover Special759
644Gerard MoloneyBerrisford Special658
689Aidan WhiteKawasaki Special658
777Martin GreenwoodHonda Special741
712Whitby MoynanToyota Special737
688Barry WhiteKawasaki Special637
646Mike O’ConnorSuzuki Special636
66Paul NolanBerrisford Special634
666Joe McHaleBerrisford Special618
617Dermot WhiteKawasaki Special60
616Brendan WhiteKawasaki Special60



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